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Pidalia is a small digital agency that
produces communication and
technology solutions for our clients.

Our best asset is a fearless desire to learn. As a small team, we are able to immerse ourselves fully in our clients' brand and industry, and coordinate our resources with focused precision to build bespoke solutions.

We relish the opportunity to combine design thinking and bleeding-edge technology to create successes for our clients, on time and on budget.

Being small and privately owned is an advantage. We can act quickly, we aren’t beholden to non-managing shareholders, and we have the flexibility to pivot for “what’s right.”

But, being small doesn’t mean we think small. Our clientele are billion-dollar companies with layers of governance and healthy budgets. For their protection, we audit regularly, we maintain robust data protection and a comprehensive Privacy Policy, and we carry enough insurance to help us all sleep well at night.

We are consummate professionals who love what we do.

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Pidalia, headquartered in Boston,
Massachusetts, was co-founded in 2011
by Justin Brodeur and Scott Dubois.

Justin Brodeur

Justin Brodeur is a Co-Founder of Pidalia. Throughout his career, Justin has designed and deployed technology solutions that help people and organizations communicate.

He has developed and deployed technology to support communication campaigns for companies such as Voya Financial, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and Animal Medical Center in New York City. In addition to supporting campaigns, he has also developed software geared towards making life better. He was the architect and engineer responsible for building and deploying Southcoast Health’s MyHealth, a medication management app for iOS devices, and, a free website and texting application that helps people make their Massachusetts RMV experience better by communicating when wait times are sane.

Outside of Pidalia, Justin devotes his time to his family, helping to modernize non-profits, and working on goofy little side projects. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Bridgewater State University.

Scott Dubois

Scott is the Co-Founder of Pidalia, a digital agency at the intersection of technology and communication. Scott is also a Partner at Gingham Ventures, an investment firm that provides seed funding for startups, strategically acquires later stage companies, and advises businesses on strategy and execution.

Scott is an internationally recognized speaker on the topics of marketing strategy, user engagement, and cross-media communications. Scott is on the Board of Directors of United Way of Greater New Bedford.

Scott can be found sharing his thoughts and insights on Twitter under @ScottDubois.


We offer an array of core services that help us create bespoke solutions for our clients. Our services and solutions transform businesses and help our clients outpace disruption and competition.


Web Development


Hybrid and Native Apps

Database Marketing



Media Purchasing


System Integration

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