4 Strategies to Attract Return Visitors to Your Website

Scott Dubois / September 11, 2017

Everyone wants their website to get attention. It’s typically the backbone of a brand’s digital identity. But once a visitor leaves, how do you get them to return? One visit doesn’t typically convert a user, so you’ll need a plan to get them back. Here are four ideas to boost return visitors to your website. 

Deliver Fresh Content Consistently and of a High Quality

To do this, you’re going to need a content marketing strategy. Creating and publishing content regularly gives users a reason to return – especially if your content is relevant to your audience. This means you need to have a clear indication of what is relevant. There’s no quick and easy answer to this. Understanding your buyer personas is a first step. What are their pain points? How do they search for content? What social media platforms are they active on? 

Knowing this helps to determine what social media channels to publish on and what might interest them in an email. This also might help to determine which formats work best and how to vary your content. 

There is a lot of noise on the internet. Over two million blog posts are published daily. Why will users come back to your site? How will your content lure them back? Remember quality over quantity. Just publishing content that isn’t high quality won’t suddenly help your organic ranking or make social posts about your content have high engagement. Determine what content resonates the most based on data. By looking at what content is most popular (page views) and which social media posts had the highest click through rating, you should have a road map for your content. 

Create a personalized experience

Users want to feel special, like your website was customized just for them. While this feat isn’t impossible, start small. By using audience targeting tools, you can set rules around behaviors that lead to a more personalized experience for the user. Test ideas and determine how returning visitors are reacting. Are they staying longer on the site? Are they making a purchase or completing a form? 

Design a great user experience (UX)

Some of the most beautiful websites fail miserably at UX. The problem stems from bias. Those designing and developing the website are too close to it. They can’t put themselves in the chair of the user. You can remediate bias by getting some third party feedback. Usability Hub is a great choice and allows you to break down actions to test. 

Some general basics of UX include: 

  • Simple navigation
  • Readable fonts
  • Contrast of light and dark for readability
  • Keep distractions at a minimum
  • Most important actions are easy to find
  • Allow for sorting, filtering and searching
  • Must be usable on every device
  • Use white space thoughtfully

Even if you offer hundreds of products or have a large amount of pages, you can still deliver great UX. Even an airline’s site can do this. Take a look at the Virgin America site (you wonder what will happen with the recent acquisition by Alaska Airlines). The search area is clean. It uses a generous amount of white space. The navigation is intuitive. And everything is pretty compact and to the point. No scrolling for days! This site has probably made many a traveler happy to return. 

Use gamification and have some fun

No matter what you sell or offer, you can use gamification to get users to come back. Starbucks has used it with their loyalty program. Use of gamification gets more users on their site and reinvents the typical loyalty program. 

Chipotle has also used gamification to reward returning visitors. This year, they launched the ‘Cado Crusher that had users gathering ingredients for guacamole. It also used elements of football, tying it to the SuperBowl (it ran late January through February). Players were rewarded with fun and free chips and guacamole. 

Another great example is Mint.com. This financial site actually made banking fun. They used a game and goal structure to help users better understand their finances. Users had fun and learned something, making it natural for them to return. 

Return visits to your website can be elusive. So, you’ll need a plan. And that plan has to be different than the one being used to attract new traffic. Get started with a better way to boost revisits with these tactics.

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