Arbella & Eastern Insurance

Insurance is a magical thing that can make accidents not hurt so bad, but it’s also a service that everyone forgets about until they need it. Eastern Insurance and Arbella Insurance can help, but they needed a way to let their customers know that they could bundle their home and auto insurance to save money.

Pidalia worked with Eastern and Arbella to develop a strategy for communicating relevant messaging to two groups: the homeowner who hasn’t bundled their auto insurance policy, and the automobile driver who hasn’t bundled their home insurance policy.

Together we launched a multi-channel campaign that utilized personalized messaging to let the customer know that they could save money by bundling their policy. The customer would visit a personalized interactive experience, and could book a one-on-one consultation with an Eastern Insurance representative.

Leveraging seasonal photography, emotionally appealing copy, and fresh technology – pidalia was able to help Eastern Insurance prompt and facilitate the transaction.

Bundle With Us Microsite

Bundle With Us Postcard