Lindenmeyr Munroe

Lindenmeyr Munroe, one of the largest fine paper merchants in the United States, had a problem. The printing industry was evolving from analog equipment to digital, and Lindenmeyer needed to move into the digital space to maintain their leadership position.

Print has been rendered a commodity, so Lindenmeyr used digital as an opportunity to add more value for printers. They stocked digital products and hired specialists to educate printers and develop business.

Lindenmeyr worked with Pidalia to build a tool that not only displayed Lindenmeyr’s product line, but also advocated digital printing as a viable growth option. The tool? A series of reimagined swatch books.

Pidalia designed and produced four swatch books on behalf of Lindenmeyr Munroe. Each book was designed for a specific audience and application type. In addition, Pidalia executed an ad campaign at Dscoop to raise awareness about Lindenmeyr Munroe’s digital print offerings, creating a “We Love Digital” brand signature that was featured on t-shirts, booth signage, and handbills.

Today, Lindenmeyr Munroe continues to grow their digital substrate business due in part to raised awareness and a killer sales tool.

Lindenmeyr Munroe