The Animal Medical Center

The Animal Medical Center in New York City is a nationally renowned non-profit veterinary center. As an academic veterinary hospital, The AMC promotes the health and well-being of companion animals through advanced treatment, research, and education.

Since The AMC is a non-profit institution, they are partially supported by their direct appeals campaigns. Unfortunately, the campaigns were not performing as they had hoped.

The AMC turned to Pidalia to transform their direct mail campaign into a reliable revenue stream. Pidalia revealed actionable insights by analyzing The AMC’s campaign performance from the previous two years. Together, Pidalia and The AMC refreshed the campaign’s art & copy and optimized mailing data.

Today, the program is profitable and continues to grow. Beyond managing the direct mail products, Pidalia is now entrusted with bringing the appeals campaign into the digital age through responsive email communication and microsites.  Additionally, Pidalia assists The AMC with marketing messages and social media integration to create a comprehensive fundraising program.

The Result:

  • 253% net positive cash flow growth.
  • 29% decrease in marketing program spend.
  • 11% fewer pieces mailed.

The Animal Medical Center