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Mail from Welcome Wagon

We love what we do, and it shows in the work that we produce. Here is a collection of selected work from our portfolio of services.

Moving Boxes in Empty Room

You've Got Mail

Welcome Wagon has been welcoming new neighbors with targeted direct mail offers and coupons for over 80 years. While Welcome Wagon was successful and profitable, they needed to reduce costs and increase sales and production efficiency. Welcome Wagon teamed up with Pidalia to architect and deploy a cloud computing infrastructure for data warehousing, mailing, and print assembly operations. Pidalia

Welcome Wagon Mail Piece


Welcome Wagon


Welcome Wagon owned and operated a data center where they inefficiently created print-ready files for output to multiple commercial printers. They needed a way to modernize their infrastructure and operations, while also increasing reliability, efficiency, and quality of their output files. The question


Pidalia analyzed Welcome Wagon

Sold Sign in Front of House

Pidalia was able to save Welcome Wagon millions of dollars in costs

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